Our Story

The goal of Anxious Software Inc is to improve the overall quality of life of our users by providing them with software which helps them develop their individual skill sets and offer unique, entertaining solutions to their educational and professional needs.

Our team of 5 met in a computer science class where we had to give presentations daily. The final project for the class was to make a fictional application. Through the class, we saw a need to improve public speaking skills, not only in the class but also in ourselves. We felt VR would be the best way to immerse oneself into a setting to give a speech, by putting a virtual audience in front of them. 

We found out we worked surprisingly well together. After writing a feature list and design document we decided to create a startup together and actually make the application. We announced Virtual Presenter Pro during our final presentation to the class.




Colby Easton

CEO / Co-Founder

A product of the mean dirt roads near Hobart, Washington, CEO Colby Easton began programming at the tender age of 31 (or 29 if you count Codecademy’s HTML course, which he doesn’t). After spending nearly a decade as a garbageman, Colby sustained a career-ending injury and found himself in need of a new pursuit. One which would hopefully involve less garbage. Naturally, he decided that pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington was the best option. After being accepted to UW, he was able to leverage his ahem advanced age into pseudo-respectability, which allowed him to convince four of his classmates to co-found Anxious Software Inc.

When not glaring at his monitor, he can be found on his motorcycle making foolish decisions in traffic, shouting at passing children to stay off his lawn (he lives in a condo with no lawn), or failing to mention to his wife and friends how much elevation gain the trail they’re driving to involves.


Kyle Lotterer

Lead Developer / Co-Founder

Kyle Lotterer discovered his passion for all things computer-related at the mature age of one years old. Moving on from simple typing games to advanced MMORPGs such as Asheron’s Call and World of Warcraft, young elementary schooler Kyle thought he could do better than these massive gaming companies and program better games by himself. He did not, but he certainly tried.

After working on many hobbies throughout college such as game development, game modding, 3D modelling, creating artificial intelligence and much more, he realized that even more could be possible with a team of like-minded people. While in UW finishing his bachelor’s degree in computer science, he co-founded a company with four peers and seized the role of lead developer through a respectable combination of verbal trickery and referring to himself as “Lead Developer Kyle” until it sank into their subconscious.

Kyle can be found in front of a monitor working on some kind of project in between queueing up for competitive games.


Josh Kennedy

Software Engineer / Co-Founder

Josh Kennedy is a Game Developer and recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Washington. Although recently focusing on Gameplay Programming, his past experience includes making mods for Stardew Valley in C#, making games in Unity, and making backend services for startups. He just really likes making things! Hobbies include making stone carvings, making it to the end of long hikes, and making macaroni art. Some of his favorite video games include Donkey Kong Country 2, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time.
Message @TheBotman72


Umair Qureshi

Software Engineer / Co-Founder

Umair Qureshi is a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Washington Bothell. He was born and raised right here in Seattle, and has also spent four years studying higher Islamic education in Ontario, Canada. He aims to help individuals live a more accessible life through software which will prepare them for a successful career.

Additionally Umair has been working with kids at his local Mosque in many different capacities for 5 years and has made an emphasis of giving back to his community to help the future generation of marganalized communities be able to achieve their dreams. He is excited to be working and learning with a great team of colleagues at Anxious Software Inc.


McKinley Melton

COO / Co-Founder

A native to Washington State, McKinley spent his first two years of college at the University of Washington studying toward a business degree before shifting his focus to Computer Science and Software Engineering, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Throughout college, McKinley has been a part of several start ups both as a founder, and a contributor. Taking the phrase “Fail Forward” to heart, he has applied what he has learned from previous start ups to help drive Anxious Software to where it is today with the help of his fellow co-founders.

When he is not consumed by work, you can find him outside training for triathlons or hanging out with friend.


John Pruitt

Marketing Manager

John Pruitt is a Marketing student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette graduating Spring 2021 who has a passion sharing products and entertainment with people around the world. He believes that you should never give up on your ambitions and to pull through to see success in life through socializing and improving one’s skills. John is a member of the Greek Sales organization Pi Sigma Epsilon and the American Marketing Association that takes pride in promoting sales and leadership.

In his spare time, John can be seen building computers, thrifting through flea markets, and running an
online retail business called “The Majestic Mantis” on Ebay, Poshmark, and Amazon.